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Jaipur Animal Welfare Association

"Enhancing the well-being of pets through guidance, cremation services,

and a pet hostel in a serene natural setting"

What We Do

Adoption and Guidance

For guidance and queries we can be contacted on this number: +918875333397. Though we are not providing public services like rescue and treatment, still our contact person can guide you how to help the animal and provide additional resources.

Pet Hostel

We offer a Pet Hostel near Jaipur where pets stay while you travel. Staffed by caring professionals, pets play safely in a spacious area surrounded by nature. Profits support animal welfare. Rest easy knowing your pet is in good hands.


We offer respectful pet cremation services that honor religious traditions. Our compassionate team provides emotional support and a peaceful final resting place, offering closure and peace of mind. Say goodbye to your furry friend with love, dignity, and a heartfelt farewell.

Dog getting bathed with love


Awareness, Adoption and Affection for the Adorable

We are a non profit based in Jaipur that works for the Awareness, Adoption and Affection for all animals hand in hand with other organisations across the country. 
We aim to provide rehabilitation for animals that have been treated for their injuries and ailments by providing them with genuine human compassion and care.

We also encourage people to adopt Indie pups and street dogs as opposed to buying exotic breeds for a fortune.

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Impact of our work of welfare on humans

We at JAWA firmly believe in striking a balance between the welfare of animals and humans.


Our Team is working to help the old/abandoned/disabled animals. Remarkable transformation in the health of animals is seen after giving them proper treatment, nutritious food. and care.

24/7 Phone Support

We keep animals which are needy and can not survive when abandoned by their owners due to some reasons. Our contact person can guide people about helping the animals, and can be contacted any time on the given number. +91 8875333397

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